"As a Senior Mortgage Banker, every time I get a client’s contract, I check to see which agent I will be working with. When I get a contract with Jenn’s name as the buyer’s agent I know it’s going to be a great transaction. Jenn’s dedication to exceeding her client’s expectations and her focus on making sure all the details are handled makes for an easy and smooth process for all parties involved. Add that level of professionalism to an amazing human with a love of life and for her city? That would be Jenn in a nutshell."


dweller & seller

Mantra: Live big
Addiction: chocolate and coffee
Musician: Lorenna McKennet, Gordon Lightfoot,
Actor: Robert Preston, Billy Porter
Travels: Cross America, Ireland, Germany, St Croix, Jamaica
Movies: Harold and Maude, Dead Poet’s Society, Allegria
Restaurant: Lulu’s Local Eatery
Breakfast: organic smoothie
School Subject: Drama
Writers: China Mehville,
Activities: hiking, reading, deep conversation with too much coffee that last till 3 am
Park: Tower Grove Park rules!
Song: Touched by the Sun – Carly Simon
Neighborhood: Tower Grove South
Pets: 3 cats, Jack, Daredevil and Elecktra and one granddragon, Walter.
Former Profession: Gm of GM Dealership