Meet your Realtor

As an entrepreneur, Jenn knows that having integrity, taking pride in your service, knowing your field and listening to your clients is paramount to long-term success. Knowing what is required to see anything grow to fruition, Jenn offers patience and guidance to clients as she assists them in the task of buying or selling their home. As the owner of both Dwell 912 Bed & Breakfast and Great Pumpkin Gardening, she entered a career in real estate as a natural extension of her affection for service, hospitality and design. 

With a passion and pride about Saint Louis, Jenn opened Dwell 912, a modern Saint Louis bed and breakfast. Designing, modern alternative spaces and developing a niche through calculated marketing, Jenn has contributed to Saint Louis' travel and hospitality scene for the last 13 years. Meeting people who are visiting or relocating and sharing the city’s many gems, both noted and hidden, as well as its history and hoods, has entirely been her reward.

Great Pumpkin had achieved success and longevity by maintaining relationships and leaving a good impression. Jenn walks clients from concept to vision to reality and has built landscapes that not only reflect each client's individuality, but suit their needs and their homes. She has had countless clients from Lafayette Square to Ladue and knows the streets and personalities of our community intimately.For years, Jenn has considered herself a sort of ‘ambassador’ to the ‘Lou. Now she shares that knowledge and hospitality with her real estate clients. She spent the bulk of her career as a tireless advocate for the spaces people live and the city that she loves. Ultimately, Jenn hopes to use the skills, experience and commitment she brings to real estate, her businesses, and our city to help you find the home and hood where you will want hang your heart. 

Musician: Patti Smith
Activities: Traveling, estate sales, dining out
Actor: Bette Davis, Adrian Brody
Song: Dylan's "Don't Think Twice"
School Subject: Lit, History, Debate
Addictions: Vintage stores, doughnuts
TV:  Antiques Road Show, House Hunters International
Movie: Annie Hall
Restaurant: ...totally unfair!!!
Breakfast: One that someone else cooks, says the innkeeper!