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"I met Jenn on a trip out from Colorado because my husband Chet and I were looking for a new city to live in. Being a huge fan of mid century modern, I came across her bed and breakfast, Dwell 912, and we ended up staying for a couple of days there. She was such a great host and ambassador for the city, that we really pursued St. Louis as our next home. We mentioned our plan and she told us that she was a real estate agent. How lucky for us! She worked tirelessly for us long distance, which isn't easy looking for real estate from afar, responding to many emails, and guiding us to the right neighborhood with a building that can house my dream of having a Mid-Century boutique store. We landed in Benton Park and I couldn't be more pleased being surrounded by all these majestic brick beauties."

Chet & Michele


Mantra: You're either movin' or you're sleepin' (this is actually my dad's mantra, but it fits me as well)
Line From A Movie: "My mouth's bleeding Bert!"
Food : Puerco Pibil
Actor: Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling
TV: Seinfeld, The Office, MadMen
Movie : It's A Wonderful Life
Activities: Yoga, making (and drinking!) margaritas
Song: Harvest Moon by Neil Young
Paint Color: Orange and Gray
Hobbies: Making and restoring mid century modern pieces
Pets: Past and present siamese kitties and Snowball
Former Profession: Waitress and Art Professor