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Lafayette Square had been a common pasture for village livestock and had never been privately owned. These commons became encampments for bands of criminals who would attack and rob area travelers.

The 1870s was a time of flourishing for the Square marked by the continuing development of Benton Place and LS was one of the most fashionable places to live.

On May 27, 1896, Lafayette Square was largely destroyed by a tornado

Since the 1970s, St. Louis residents have been buying and renovating the older homes in Lafayette Square. As of 2006, most of the homes have been restored and there are many shops and restaurants



Lafayette Park is the city's oldest public park — created by local ordinance in 1836.

This historic square centers around its collection of “painted ladies,” a set of stately Victorian homes that surround beautiful Lafayette Park.

The neighborhood caters to a hip, urban clientele that appreciates fine wine, fine dining and a unique culinary adventure.


Lafayette Park Gazebo Concert Series

Spring Home & Garden Tour/Antique Fair

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