"What surprised me most in the selling process was ending up with two amazing buyers that tried to outbid one another within the first few days of listing. It gave us a lot of security in knowing we were covered no matter which one we chose. My advice would be to take cues from Jenn regarding the visuals of the home; how to simplify and make the space streamlined and simplified so that buyers can imagine their family in the space and so that the home itself shines, rather than being dominated by decor."

bryan & Rachel


Mantra: Everywhere you go, leave the place better than when you got there.
Food : Sushi, curry, Anything from SweetArt
Addiction: Popcorn
STL Activities: All the parks, Grant's Farm, Art Museum
Musician: Sam Cooke and Ray Charles to Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead and on and on...)
Actor: Daniel Day Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jimmy Stewart
School Subject: Art, English, Math
Travels: UK, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Carribbean...
TV: The Great British Bake-Off
Movie : The Princess Bride, Inception, Alfred Hitchcock
Restaurant: SweetArt
Breakfast: Quiche, Crepes
Writers: Huge Biography fan
Activities: Thrifting, walking, playing games with our kids
Park: Francis Park
Neighborhood: St. Louis Hills or Shaw
Paint Color: Swiss Coffee
Radio Show: All Things Considered
Hobbies: Art, reading, travel, friends, music
Pets: nope
Beach: St. Thomas
Albums: Ok Computer, Joshua Tree, Mutations, too many to list...
Book: The Hiding Place, The Help
Former Profession: Graphic Designer (I still freelance)